ADSL Speed Tests

IS ADSL Speed Tests

These URL's have been provided by Internet Solutions for checking the speed of their ADSL services. These are convenient as the output is a text report which can be copied and pasted into an E-mail when reporting ADSL latency problems. The report also indicates the time of day when the test was conducted.

Note speeds of ADSL services provided by other backbone supplies may also be checked, but the results are not necessarily directly comparable due potential bottlenecks in peering links between various providers.

  1. Local (Rosebank, South Africa) Speed Test:
    • . Click

    • . Or to run this test remotely over an ssh link type, on one line:
      cd /tmp; wget -O tmp.html ; tail -12 tmp.html; rm tmp.html
  2. International (New York) Speed Test:
    • . Click

    • . Or type at an ssh prompt, on line line:
      cd /tmp; wget -O tmp.html ; tail -10 tmp.html; rm tmp.html

SAIX Speed Tests

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