Frequently Asked Questions: ZSD's Webmail Services

Which webmail server should I use?

ZSD has two e-mail servers. One traditional one hosted at ZSD's point of presence in Claremont, Cape Town. We have a second e-mail server "cloud" hosted in a remote co-location center. Each e-mail server has its own dedicated Webmail server. In addition to these two servers we support many in-house e-mail servers located in client premises. All of these servers also have their own Webmail services. The correct webmail server to use can be determined by the POP3 server that your e-mail program uses:

POP Server

Webmail Server

I don't see any messages?

I know there is e-mail in my account but when I log in I don't see any messages? You may be logged into the wrong server. Please refer to the question above.

My messages are sent from the wrong address?

When I send out messages, they are sent from an address like "". I have my own domain with a personalized e-mail address. Can I use this address instead?

You can change your outgoing e-mail address by changing your personal settings.

What happened to the "webmail-old" servers?

We used to have two webmail services which could be used interchangeably. The "old" server software has now been retired as it is not fully supported and does not have the functionality or user friendliness of the new software. Links to "webmail-old" will now route you to the new server. Browsers which support the new webmail software have become ubiquitous and ones which cannot support the new interface will not work on many other applications, like internet banking etc, so they are likely to have been upgraded already.

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